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Welcome to the, “Remedy Health Blog.”

Here is where we come together as a community to discuss holistic health through the naturopathic approach. We know that most healing happens after you’ve left our clinic and begin to implement new treatments and lifestyle changes. That’s what we want to provide our patients with as much education as possible to empower them to take control of their health journey. We’ll be covering issues like biotoxin illness, environmentally acquired illness, Lyme disease, hormone imbalances, gut health, healthy living, and more! We encourage you to explore, engage, and share any content you find empowering on your journey back to health.

Braised Greens Recipe

Many of my patients ask me how to cook vegetables, especially greens, in a way that makes them taste delicious. So, how do you make bitter tasting leafy greens actually delicious?

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I have a tick bite? What do I do?

Ouch! That bugger bit me! What do I do now!?! You're out enjoying a day in the park and you come home to find that you have a tick bite.  What do you do?

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