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I started my journey of recovery with Dr. Milani after being treated by another person also trained in the Shoemaker Protocol, but I wasn’t making much progress. What a difference seeing the right doctor has made for me!! Dr. Milani really listens, she really cares, and is super smart :). My health is leaps and bounds better because of her, and it was really poor before, to the point of not knowing if I was going to live much longer. I’ve been to MANY doctors in my life and none of them hold a candle to Dr. Milani! I am so thankful to have found her!! Bre, her assistant is also very nice and on top of things. I’d recommend Dr. M to anyone and everyone.

L.A.- age 37 / Utah

Dr. Milani and Bre take time to listen. A very pleasant atmosphere and a conscientious effort to help one through various health issues.

T.O.- age 64 / Montana

I have been working with Dr. Milani for over three years and am very satisfied with my care. She goes above and beyond and always listens to me. I am grateful that I found her.

C.S. - age 32 / Montana

After being at the end of my rope in dealing with doctors who were unable to diagnose or treat my myriad of issues, I found Dr. Milani. She met with me with an open heart and actually listened to my concerns and addressed them with her sound medical knowledge and skills. She has continually provided me with excellent health care, compassion, and kindness. Without her I would not have been able to actually heal and regain my life.

L.B. - age 27 / Hawaii

Dr. Milani is super skilled at what she does, which has been an integral part of my recovering from a very complicated illness. I have complete confidence and comfort that she cares about who I am as a person and couldn’t have found a better provider to walk through this journey of restoring my health. She has continually educated, guided, and encouraged me through my battle against the devastating effects mold has had on my health and family. Dr. Milani and her staff have continually been there to give me hope and strength every step of the way.

K.J. - age 41 / Washington

I'd hate to think of what my life would be like today had I not met Dr. Milani. In my early 30s, I began having a growing list of ailments over the course of a few years, saw over a dozen doctors, and no one could find the cause of my symptoms. I had otherwise been a very healthy, vibrant individual up to that point, but I was now in constant pain, exhausted, unable to sleep, experiencing massive headaches, and I knew my brain was not functioning as it used to (including forgetting entire conversations with people I just had the previous day).After our first meeting, Dr. Milani suspected I may be suffering from chronic inflammatory response syndrome, caused by long-term mold exposure. I was so relieved to finally have a diagnosis and she quickly set a plan in action to begin my recovery. She supported me every step of the way in getting out of exposure (being my place of work it became a complicated process), helped me manage my symptoms holistically, and was always available for questions. Even though I hit some bumps in the road due to re-exposure, Dr. Milani was always able to quickly adjust whatever plan I was on accordingly, in order to get me back on the right path.I am now fully recovered and would highly recommend anyone with chronic or "mysterious" symptoms to see Dr. Milani

C.B. - age 37 / Washington

Dr. Milani has been amazing at explaining things to us in a way that we can understand. She has been flexible with our family and very helpful. We always enjoy meeting with her.

L.L. - age 31 / North Dakota

Dr. Milani and Bre are professional, knowledgable and compassionate! I have found in being a chronically ill patient that this is hard to come by. After years and years of going to doctors and left without answers, Dr. Milani's office through the proper evaluation and blood work was able to diagnose me with mold illness in just 6 weeks. Finally, hope in the dark. Healing is coming.

A.B. - age 41 / California

I have been a patient of Dr. Milani since May 2014. I can truthfully say she saved my life. I had an infection in my colon and the doctors gave me so many antibiotics that I ended up with C. Dif. The regular medical doctors were not able to do much for me. I searched and found Dr. Milani. She reviewed everything and put me on a strict course of action for the next six months. I followed her instructions without fail and was well at the end of the treatment. I have been with her ever since.I highly recommend her.

J.S. - age 74 / Montana

Dr. Milani and Bre are awesome. They listen, care and treat you as a whole person, not a medical condition. It’s great to finally have a doctor that gets to the root of the problem and tries to heal you. The one on one attention you get is priceless!I can’t say enough, I’d be lost without them. Love everything about them, and you will too.

A.C. - age 54 / California

Dr. Milani and her staff are life savers. When I first came to her, I had been to a range of physicians who couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. With her guidance and treatments, I am now back to living my life. I couldn't thank them enough or recommend them more.

J.L. - age 48 / Montana

Dr. Milani has been able to bring clarity and understanding to very complex and scary illness. I am so grateful to have the information and support I need to move forward with treatment, and the hope that I can live a normal life again. My biggest thanks to her and her clinic.

M.T. - age 36 / Canada

Dr. Milani and Bre are the best! I have always hated going to the doctor’s office, but Remedy Health is nothing like the uncomfortable and sterile environment of a typical doctor’s office. While Dr. Milani and Bre are completely professional, they are also warm and caring. I actually feel like I’m being listened to and I don’t feel like I’m just another patient they are waiting to get quickly out their door. The office reflects the warmth and comfort of Dr. Milani and Bre project. Dr. Milani is very knowledgeable and I appreciate how she takes into consideration all aspects of a health issue before formulating a plan of action. I truly enjoy every visit and I highly recommend Remedy Health to anyone looking for a great healthcare experience!

L.H. - age 42 / Montana

Well, what can I say...Dr. Milani (and Bre) have been the best! I struggled with thyroid balance since 1992. With proper lab testing and encouragement, I have been able to say for the first time I have thyroid balance and been so for over one year! Having autoimmune problems is difficult for anyone so having the support of a doctor and clinic is very important! Thank you...Remedy Health!

M.P. - age 65 / Montana

I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I was exhausted, had insomnia, brain fog, and more! I was at the end of my rope. My medical doctor wanted to put me on a synthetic medication for the rest of my life. It didn’t feel right to me. Dr. Milani got me on a regimen and I was feeling better within weeks! I’m getting better and better and learning how to handle my disease naturally, with diet, a natural hormone, and few supplements. I couldn’t be happier.

D.S. - age 49 / Montana

It was one year ago today that we met for my initial appointment. With the time that's passed since that initial appointment, I can't be anything but thankful for my progress. I just wanted to take a moment and tell both Dr. Milani and Bre thank you! When reflecting on how I felt/my medical diagnosis a year ago I am so thankful for the both of you and everything you've done to get me where I am today.

B.S. - age 29 / Oklahoma

As unbelievable as it may sound, I didn’t have a clue about mold illness prior to finding Remedy Health. I’ve since been trying to learn as much as possible in order to get a better handle on my health. My family has literally watched me fall to pieces and I’ve decided this madness must end. That’s where Dr. Milani comes in. I am SO grateful to be in your care; in such good hands!

S.W. - age 46 / South Dakota

I’ve been treated here for CIRS for over 4 years. It has been a great experience and I completely credit Dr. Milani with changing my life, if not saving it. I recommend Remedy Health to anyone who asks and they have had good results as well.

J.S. - age 35 / South Dakota

I have been so pleased with my care with Dr. Milani and the staff at Remedy Health. Dr. Milani is thoughtful and thorough and has many great suggestions and ideas. I think it is a good thing to keep in mind that, sometimes, more natural solutions take time to be effective and one must have some patience. But, once the problem begins to resolve, you can have a great sense of accomplishment and the security of knowing that you have a reliable health plan. It becomes a solution, not a bandaid.

T.S. - age 63 / Montana

I can’t even begin to describe how much this clinic has helped me. To think I would still be suffering and for a long time if my mother did not discover Remedy Health. I can’t stress enough how much Dr. Milani and her staff have helped me. Remedy Health is the perfect place to learn how to treat yourself and how to continue to live your life in a healthy way. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who needs help and seems to have nowhere else to go. Dr. Milani will help you, just as she helped me, and I’m sure you can resume living again.

K.F. - age 16 / Nevada

The beginning, the beginning was hell. I find it quite difficult to think that I would still be alive if Dr. Milani didn’t step into my life. For six years now I have suffered the endless symptoms of Lyme disease. Ranging from painful headaches to severe depression, and the all famous fatigue. I have suffered quite a bit. Although I am aware that others aren’t as lucky as me and suffer even more severe symptoms. Unfortunately, those who have suffered more and longer than I have didn’t find someone like Dr. Milani.

K.M. - age 14 / Idaho

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