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Frequently Asked Questions

 If this is your first time visiting a naturopathic doctor or you’re returning to naturopathic medicine, we know you may have some questions. We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions from patients for your convenience.

What can I expect from my first visit to Remedy Health? 

Your first visit is where we take a true deep dive into your overall health. Dr. Milani will take a thorough look at your comprehensive health history, review past labs, preform the appropriate physical exams and testing, and develop an individualized treatment plan.

How long will my first naturopathic appointment take? 

Dr. Milani wants to spend as much time with you as is necessary to get a comprehensive understanding of your needs. Appointments can range from one to three hours depending on your case, with most initial appointments lasting an average of 90 minutes.

What do I need to bring with me to my first visit at Remedy Health? 

We require all new patients to complete our new patient forms and bring them to your initial appointment or submit them online. This allows us to spend our time getting to know your unique needs rather than filling out the required forms. We also request a detailed list of any medications and supplements that you are currently taking, including brand, name, and dosage. Some patients find it helpful to bring your medications and/or supplements with you to your appointment as well.

What are your follow-up appointments like? 

It’s important to us that we truly know the individual we are treating. That’s why all our initial appointments must take place in person, either at our Bozeman, Montana office or our Auburn, California office. After your initial appointment, you may schedule follow-ups in person or via telecommunication. Follow-up appointments range from 30-90 minutes. We actually preform over 50% of our follow-ups via a HIPAA compliant video platform and are very comfortable continuing care in this fashion.

Can you tell me what an exposure history is? 

If you are visiting us due to an exposure related illness, we will inquire about your exposure history. An exposure history is a detailed timeline of any exposures you may have had to water damaged buildings, mold, spider or tick bites, food poisoning, etc. Please be sure to include any incident you feel may be relevant to your condition, no matter how small!

Can you tell me what a health history is? 

Naturopathic care means looking at the individual’s entire person, including their history. A health history is a detailed timeline of your overall health. It includes any illnesses, injuries, operations, serious accidents, and any other significant health event you have encountered throughout your life.

Does Remedy Health take insurance? 

We provide all patients with a superbill you can use to submit a claim yourself.  We do not accept or process insurance in-office and are not contracted with any insurance companies. Our patient coordinator is happy to answer any questions you may have about this.

I am interested in seeing Dr. Milani in California, who do I contact? 

All patient communication is handled through Remedy Health. If you are interested in seeing Dr. Milani in California, please reach out to our Bozeman office to schedule an appointment.

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